Friday, May 6, 2011

Getting So Big

Little Miss Kenadee Rae,
You are turning into a toddler right before our eyes.  You are such a fun, sweet thing.  I have been slacking on updates lately, but most of this is due to the fact that you are such a busy body!  So, this will be an update for months 8-10 since you are officially 10 months in a couple of days!!!  You had a 9 months Dr. visit and here are your stats:     20lbs 12oz. (82nd%), 29 1/2 in. tall (95th%), and 19in. head (99.96%)  You are such a big growing girl!!!!

You have had many firsts the last couple of months, they are:

March 1: You army crawled for the first time.  You were a week shy of 8 months old!!!
March 10:  (8 months 1 day) You said your first word, it was MA MA!!!!  You can now say Mom and Dad.  You also say Bob a lot but I'm not sure you know what you are saying.  You are such a jabber jaw and will just talk away!
March 13:  (8 months 4 days) You crawled for the very first time.  You are quite the little pro at crawling now.  You are a quick little bugger.
March 17 (St. Patrick's Day): (8 months 8 days) You pulled yourself up to a standing position for the first time.  Watch out now!!!
April 1: (Almost 9 months)You cut your first and only (so far) tooth.  You were such a grouch!
April 5:  You started clapping for the first time.
April 14: You got bronchitis!!!  You gave it to mom and dad as well.  It took a good two weeks to get over but you were one happy little girl for being so sick!!!
April 19: (9 months 10 days) You walked along the entire couch all by yourself!!!
May 4: (Almost 10 months) You walked across our family and living room with your little push toy! 
I would not be surprised if you are walking all by yourself very soon!!!

You have the funniest personality little one.  You still love Justin Bieber and when you hear one of his songs you get the biggest smile on your face and start dancing.  You also love Special Agent Oso (on Disney) and will dance to that theme song as well! 

Aunt Terri took 8 month pictures of you!  I love how these turned out!!!

Good morning sleepy head!  What I find every morning when I come into your room!  Look at that crazy hair!

At the zoo.  You will be going there a lot this summer!

Getting ready to get in the bath tub.

You love to go for rides in cardboard boxes or laundry baskets and you love to play with hangers!

At Garcia's for Grandpa Adrian's birthday.  You love the refried beans and rice

In your Easter dress.  (sadly you didn't get to wear your dress on Easter because we all had Bronchitis)

Another picture that Aunt Terri took at 8 months with cousin Averie

Bouncing away in your jumper.  Sadly you won't play in it anymore so there aren't many ways to keep you contained!!!
You LOVE food.  You don't care what kind it is, you just love it.  If someone else is eating they better be sharing with you, or you can get pretty upset!
You love to torture your dogs.  If you see them lying down you will crawl after them as fast as you can.  You love your mom during the day, but when dad gets home you turn into a complete daddy's girl.  I love it! 
You fight your naps and bedtime now.  You just want to be around everyone.  I really can't stand this and hope that you get over it soon. 
You love people but sometimes you have a killer stone cold face and won't smile at all.  Other times all you want to do is smile.  You especially love your cousins and grandparents.  They always know how to get a smile out of you!!! :)
You love to be outside, but sadly there haven't been many nice days.  When the dogs go out you will pound on the back window and talk to them.
You drink out of a sippy cup most of the time and love to try new solid foods. 
You love to "help" mom with the laundry, or unfold as I fold.  It cracks me up! 
You are constantly on the go and I love to watch you look at new things.  I can see those little wheels spinning as you try to figure things out!  I cherish our cuddle time because there is becoming less and less of it! I enjoy every minute of you and am so blessed that I get to be your mother!!!  I love you sweet girl!


Terri French said...

She is an angel for sure!!

Janet Ingram said...

She is growing up so fast and turning into such a sweet little doll! Sure love that little girl!

Todd & Chelsea said...

I love all the new photos. She just looks so mature! Tell her to stop it! You are such a cute momma!

Amber said...

I just want to eat her up. She is so darling. I can't believe how grown up she looks! Love you cute girl!! Oh and I love you too Ash ha ha