Friday, August 8, 2008


This last Monday, August 4th. Dru and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. It is crazy to think that we have been married for over a year now. In that short amount of time our lives have changed tremendously and there have been many growing experiences along the way. I am looking forward to the next year and feel blessed that I can honestly say that I love my husband more now than I did the day I married him.

Twilight Series

So, for my birthday a couple of weeks ago my little brother bought me the first three books in the Twilight Series (Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse).

I reluctantly started reading them hoping that they would keep my interest enough to get through all three.

I have to say that these books are awesome. I am completely addicted to them. I read all three of the books from my brother and then decided to go buy the last book (Breaking Dawn).

Yep, finished that too. These just might be my favorite books ever. I have a feeling that they are Dru's favorite too because I didn't bother him about doing things all the time, instead I was content to read my books.

If you haven't read these books I suggest that you do because they rocked my world. But, I must warn you that you need to have a fair amount of time set aside to read because you won't want to put them down. I had a very hard time doing anything but read until I finished them.

More Cabin Memories

Maddie and Dru trying to figure out exactly what is out in the woods.

Dru's mom, his brother Trent and wife Sarah, their three boys Nate, Christian and Jameson, our nieces Taitum and Beth, our puppy Maddie, Trent's dog Cocoa, and of course Dru and I.

My brother Rob enjoying himself in a game of LIFE more than words can describe!

Cabin Memories

Dru and I love spending time at my parent's cabin in Island Park. It is such a nice place to get away from reality for a couple of days. There is so much to do there. We enjoy fishing, four wheeling, boatin, snow machining, campfires with smore's and hotdogs, and going through Yellowstone National Park. Here are some pictures from our various trips.