Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's, Life and Basketball

Dru and I had a great Valentine's Celebration, we actually did not Celebrate on Valentine's Day, but a few days before. Dru took me out to eat at the Outback. We rarely eat there, but it is so yummy. I love it. I enjoyed going on a date together to a nice resturant since it is not something we do often. As for actual Valentine's Day we brought home some Wendy's and watch some of the All-Star events for the NBA. My sister and her husband were in town so they came over to our house to watch the festivities with us. It was actually a really good time and I loved being able to spend time with Linds and Rob. We don't get to do that much.

As for other news, Marley is adapting well to our family. She has quite the little personality. Her and Maddie are definetly two peas in the same pod. They love to play together and it is nice that they have eachother while Dru and I are at work all day. My parents' new house is finally finished and they get to move in sometime next week. We are so excited for them!

Last, Hillcrest Basketball has been doing extremely well in District Tournament and after their big win against Blackfoot they are now advancing to the final round (they won by 12). We are so proud of this team, especially Rob, for all of their hard work this season. Last year they struggled so much and it is nice to see them winning and enjoying themselves. We told Robbie no pressure but that Dru and I have both gotten time off to watch him at State! I believe their regular season record was 16-4 (the highest of Coach Baldwin's Hillcrest career) and in the District Tournament they are 2-0. (don't quote me on those numbers) We are so proud of you Lobster! You are the best little brother in the world and we love you!!! Linds you are the best sis in the world too!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Marley's Story

I love animals, especially dogs. This is definetly something I got from my Grandpa Bob. When you own a pet it is part of the family, equal to any human. That being said, I went to the pound with a little client and came across a little pup who touched my heart. Marley is a pure bred boxer who was picked up by animal control about a week and a half ago. She was found so malnourished that most of her little bones are visible. She was curled up in a little ball in the corner and at first I thought she was probably an agressive dog. Something about her piqued my interest so I asked about her at the front desk. One of the officers told me that she was not violent, just scared and unresponsive but that I could take her out into the play yard and see what I thought. They also told me that she did not have much time left and that if someone did not take her she would be put down on Monday morning. They were amazed that someone had not taken her already because she is a purebred and quite a nice looking dog. She is black with a white chest and paws. Usually I am saddened by these type of things, but am able to distance myself since we have such a sweet boxer at home that has a good life, but as it came time to leave I started crying. I knew we could not take another dog so I tried to keep under control, but as the afternoon wore on I found myself unable to control the emotion I felt seeing this dog that had been treated so badly on the verge of losing her life. I just kept thinking that she would make a really good pet for some little boy and she would never get the chance unless I did something about it. I asked many people I knew if they were interested in her, but did not get the feedback I was looking for. Finally, I called Dru in tears well aware that he would never agree to what I was going to ask him, but for some reason I asked him if we could take her in as a foster dog. Dru reluctantly said that we could so I made all of the arrangements and she was able to come home with me last night. At first she was very scared, but she is warming up to us more and more. She is still a little unsure of Maddie, but we were able to get both of them running around in the backyard together chasing a ball. It has been so fun to see the changes this little girl has made so quickly. I have high hopes for this puppy with a sweet demeanor despite all of the struggles she has had in her life. She has a rough road ahead of her because of all of the obvious abuse that she has endured, but I know that she will make a great dog for someone one day soon. We are so excited to have Marley with our family until she can find the perfect one of her own!