Friday, May 8, 2009

Growing Up

I'm having a really hard time because my baby brother is getting ready to graduate from high school when I want him to stay a little kid forever. I can only imagine what my mom is going through. She loves us girls alot, but he is her baby and her only boy so I know this is killing her. Anyway, my talented aunt Terri took his senior pictures and I just wanted to brag and show everyone how big of a babe my little Rob is! We are so proud of him for the man he is becoming even though I am sad that he is already 18 and that we only have 9 or 10 months left to enjoy him until he goes on his mission. Love you Lobster!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jellystone here we come!!!

A few weeks ago Dru and I bought our season pass to Yellowstone National Park. We love it there. We go up there at least twice a summer. We had never gone in April before so were a little hesitant because most of the park was still closed and it was snowing like crazy. Much to my surprise it was AMAZING!!!! The park was beautiful and there was no one there. Best of all we saw lots of animals. We saw this cute little black bear that just sat at the side of the road for almost 30 minutes trying to find some food.

We saw a couple of coyotes, some elk and buffalo (of course), and my very first GRIZZLY bear!

We actually saw him twice.

The first time we saw him he was off in the distance eating something, and the second time he was right on the side of the road. It was so much fun to see those animals. The buffalo were not used to sharing the road with cars so they made it very difficult to get around. One charged at our car and then veered off, while another one kicked at us as we drove by. We were lucky that they did not do any damage to our car or us, but it was quite an adventure. We feel so blessed to be able to stay at my parent's cabin in Island Park so that we are a little closer to Yellowstone. We have so much fun there and it is quickly becoming a tradition for Dru and I. Sorry the pictures aren't very clear, it was snowing really hard.