Sunday, March 15, 2009

Last week we decided that we were going to keep Marley, so yesterday we signed the adoption papers and now we officially have 2 dogs! The deciding factor in this was when Josh and Lindsie dog sat for us (Thanks again Josh and Lindsie!) and Marley hung out under their coffee table most of the weekend. We knew that Marley had been through so much in her life and she was loved and comfortable with us, so uprooting her was not a good idea. We are having so much fun with the both of them and they love eachother as well. Maddie has definetly loved having someone home with her all of the time and she does not destroy our house as much!

Last Wednesday (11th) my baby brother turned 18. This has been a hard thing for me especially since my baby sister turned 21 last month. It is a constant reminder that I'm getting old! Life seems to be moving faster and faster and sometimes I just want it to slow down. At any rate I am so grateful for both of my siblings and for the wonderful people that they are turning into.