Monday, January 10, 2011

6 months old

Kenadee Darling,
You are getting so big and are turning into my best girlfriend.  I LOVE spending time with you as you are little miss personality.  You are doing new things everyday.  I hate to even close my eyes at night because I'm afraid I might miss something, and let's face it.... I miss you even though you are just in the next room.  This month you....
Got your 6 months shots at the Dr.  I made dad go with us because last time you cried so hard and it was horrible driving home listening to you scream, but this time you surprised us.  You had a delayed cry after your shots for about 10 seconds and as soon as mom picked you up you were fine.  I know you were just being tough because your dad was there.  Your stats were impressive......

Head Circumference: 18 inches (99th %)
Weight: 17 lbs 9 oz (80th %)
Height: 27 1/2 inches (96th %)
The Dr.'s exact words were.... "She is a big healthy girl.  If you sat her by 100 other 6 month old girls she would be bigger than all of them.  There's nothing wrong with that, she's just a big girl."  I don't think you look chubby at all though (aside from your cheeks that I adore).  You are very proportionate and healthy. 

Rockin your Buckeye gear from uncle Rob!  I love this picture of you.
You love love love to eat.  You enjoy all kinds of baby food except....meat.  If I mix it with veggies we are good to go.  I really don't blame you because I don't like meat without seasoning so I understand the problem.  

Eating some grub at the cabin over New Year's
You are quite the little jumper.  You would jump all day long if I would let you.  
You are trying so hard to crawl.  You can move a little on your own so I don't think that day is too far away.  
You mastered the art of sitting by yourself last week (Jan 4, 2011).  

Sitting like a big girl!
You roll all over the place, but you only roll to one side so you get stuck often.  It's quite funny to see you stuck up against the couch.  

Tummy time.  You are all over the place!
You are teething and are so ready to pop one of your teeth, but it just won't happen.  You chew on everything!  Thank goodness you have been happy for the most part.  
You are the most smiley little girl.  You are always flirting and that grin of yours is contagious.  

Such a little smiler!!! 
You love to talk.  Sometimes you just go on and on.  Last Sunday you were talking to the wall at church.  It was pretty funny.
You love to read books.  If someone tries to talk to you while you are often ignore them.  
You love your pups.  You will reach your hands out for them to come and play with you.  You love to pull on their ears and jowls.  They love you too and are constantly trying to bathe you in kisses.
Your favorite time of the day still has to be bath time.  You kick in the tub and giggle away. 
You have the cutest little laugh.  I love to tickle you just so I can hear it.
You love to play games with mom and dad.  You give mom your binky and take it away from her as well.
You still LOVE Mickey Mouse and must watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on a daily basis. (don't worry, I don't let you watch too much TV)
Watching the Grinch for the first time.  You were very captivated.
It is so fun to watch you grow little miss.  We love you very much and feel so blessed to have you as our daughter.
 Love, Dad and Mom