Saturday, December 3, 2011


Maddox Dru Charles 
born 11/11/11 at 7:45 pm
6lbs 13oz 21in long 

First Bath
Getting ready to go home

1 week old
2 weeks old!!
Kenadee sure loves her baby!
Not sure how Maddox feels about all the love he gets from his sister!!!

 We sure love our sweet little boy and feel so blessed to have him in our family!!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween Fun!!!!

 The Saturday before Halloween Kenadee and I went to Boo at the Zoo with my mom and grandpa.  Kenadee had a blast.  She loved all of the decorations, people, and of course the animals.  I was surprised at how active all of the animals were.  It was a fun experience.  I didn't take many pictures here because we were too busy having fun!!! :)
Dru carved a pumpkin for Kenadee and she was inspecting his work.  We got this pumpkin at the U-Pick Red Barn.  Kenadee went on a fun little train ride and went through the straw maze (she bawled during the maze).  I didn't get any picutres here but she loved walking around by herself through all the pumpkins.

Halloween Night Kenadee went Trick or Treating at Grandma and Grandpa Ingram's.  She went straight for the Reese's (smart girl!)  Grandpa is helping her get her candy.

She snagged another Reese's from the candy bowl and took off as fast as she could!
Laughing as she runs to grandma to open another Reese's for her
Eating her loot!
My cute little pumpkin running from me as I try to get a cute picture of her!

She was wired when we got back to Grandma and Grandpa Charles after all of the candy she had eaten.  Thank goodness her cousins came over and helped her run off all of her energy!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

15 months old!!!

I can not believe my little sweetie is 15 months old!!!  I can honestly say these have been the best 15 months of my life.  Kenadee is my little buddy.  She is always following me around, bringing me books and toys to play with, or copying what I do.  She is at such a fun age!  I can just see the understanding in her face. 

-She can follow simple tasks like, "Please go get your shoes, or would you bring me your toy or book."  When I ask her if she wants to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner she will walk to the pantry and grab at the door because that's where the food and her highchair are.

-Kenadee has discovered how to throw a ball and loves to throw the ball to her dogs.  She giggles when they run after it.  I have to remind her to be careful because sometimes she throws at the dogs and I'm sure they don't appreciate it very much.  She generally does well when you tell her to be soft, but she does need to be reminded from time to time.

-She loves her little Mickey Mouse car and climbs on and off of it by herself.  The other day I caught her trying to stand on it so she could climb onto the entertainment center!!!  Naughty stink!!

-She still loves to read books but she wants to be the one turning the pages!  If I try to do it most of the time she will get upset and take the book.

-She has learned how to get down from the couch or our bed by herself.  She gets a big smile on her face every time she does it.

-Kenadee loves to "help" with just about anything I am trying to do.  Needless to say this has made packing very interesting and I try to do most things while Dru is home or she is napping.

-Kenadee still takes 1 good nap during the day and sleeps 10 to 12 hours at night.  She won't sleep without her teddy bear and her stuffed pig.

-Kenadee has started saying many more words.  She now says: pig, ted (teddy bear), mom, dad, yeah, this, that, what, me, daw (dog), shoes, and she will randomly repeat words that Dru and I say.  The other day she tried to say breakfast and it was pretty cute! 

-She says "Me" when she wants something.  She will then point at the object and repeat "Me" until you give it to her.  If I don't want her to have something she will give me a kiss and start the whole process again.

-She gives the best kisses and hugs!

-Kenadee gets her feelings hurt when you tell her no.

-She talks the entire time she is in the car.  She just keeps going like the Energizer bunny and it is hard to hold a conversation if someone else is with us.

-After she gets out of the bath tub (which she still LOVES!!!)  she will grab the q-tips and pretend she is cleaning her ears.

-Kenadee loves to play peek-a-boo and to put things on her head as a hat.  She likes to put "hats" on other people and animals too.  The other day she put her beads around Marley, and a bracelet on her ear.  Once she was done she stood back and laughed. 

-Little Miss LOVES to get into my kitchen cupboards and her 2 new favorite toys are the cheese grater and flour sifter.  She is constantly pulling those out and dragging them all over the house (don't worry I wash them after she plays with them).

-Kenadee loves to be around kids her age, especially her cousin Averie.  She gets so excited and will just follow her around and laugh at what she is doing whether it's funny or not.

-Kenadee loves to smile and laugh!  She is such a happy girl most of the time, though she does throw the occasional tantrum.

-Baby girl now has 8 teeth.  She has popped 5 in the last 2 months and surprisingly hasn't been very grumpy.

At her 15 month checkup her stats were:
Weight: 25 lbs. 9 oz.  (93rd %)
Height: 32 1/2 in.  (97th %)
She is growing perfectly and we love our little Stinker more each day!!!!!

Kenadee is way too big for her bumbo but I always catch her sitting in it while playing with her toys or reading books.  (Yes she wears the stacker rings as bracelets)
Grandpa Stan bought Kenadee this huge stuffed monkey and she loves to jump on him and give him hugs.  If anyone else touches him or gets close to him she starts to cry and will point at them.  She is very possessive of him.
She cracks me up in the tub.  She was giving me really good cheesy grins on this particular day.  She loves to run her hands under the faucet as the tub is filling up.
She loves her Mickey car.  She pushes the same button over and over again that just happens to be the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme, but she doesn't let it finish playing before she pushes it again so we hear the beginning 20 times in a row.  Sometimes it makes Dru and I want to pull our hair out, but you look at her smiling and you can't help up laugh.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

12 and 13 months old!

So I have been such a slacker on the blog lately!  My baby girl turned 1 over a month and a half ago and I haven't blogged about it yet.  Oh well, better late than never!!!

I can't believe my sweet baby girl is 1!!!  Time has gone by so fast.  Kenadee is such a cute little girl and we just can't get enough of her.  She does the funniest things all of the time.
We love our big girl!!!

-Her biggest achievement as of late is.....WALKING!!!!  She took her first couple of steps on her birthday but was very timid about it.  Then, on August 16, she just started walking around.  It really took my be surprise.

-She has 3 teeth now.  She is working on 2 more, but they haven't come through yet.  Despite only having 3 teeth she can gum just about anything to death, and by just about anything I mean she ate pork ribs the other night and did great with them.    She also loves to "brusha" or brush her teeth.

-Kenadee is a very happy little girl and can entertain herself for quite a while (she is usually doing something she shouldn't be).  She loves to read books with mom or by herself.

-Grandma Deborah gave Kenadee some necklaces for her birthday and she always has those things on, along with her bracelets.  She is already showing signs of being a girly girl and this mamma loves it!!!

-She will sit really still and let me style her hair in all sorts of ways as long as Special Agent Oso or Little Einsteins is playing.

-Kenadee loves to make us laugh.  Sometimes she will just look at us and start making a fake laugh so that we will start laughing at her.

-She is such a busy body and I often find all of my tupperware on the floor, along with measuring cups, sandwich bags, aluminum foil, and other random items.

-Kenadee knows where mom's nose is, but she hates to play that game and won't do it in front of anyone else.

-She loves her teddy bear "Ted" and has to sleep with him every night.  Speaking of sleeping, she is still an amazing sleeper (anywhere from 10 to 12 hours a night).  She doesn't let me snuggle her to sleep like she used to.  She will let me snuggle her until she starts to get tired and then she wants to go lay in her bed.  She only takes 1 nap a day now, in the afternoon, and it is usually 2 1/2 to 3 hours long.  This is so nice for me because I can get a lot done in that amount of time.

-Kenadee still loves her dogs.  She often throws food to them from her highchair.  She gives them lots of loves and pats too.  They are so good with her, and I am so thankful for that!!!

-As of late, my little monkey loves to climb on things.  She is always testing the stairs.  The other day she climbed onto the couch while I was vacuuming the cushions.  She even climbed into grandma Deborah's kitchen drawer after she emptied it out.  She has such a sense of accomplishment after she has climbed into or onto something.

 -Little Miss LOVES to eat!!  She is an amazing eater and it cracks me up.  The only food she has ever met that she didn't like was watermelon.  Aside from that she goes to town when we give her food.  She can eat a 4 piece nugget from Burger King, drink all of her milk, and eat applesauce too.  She doesn't snack much during the day so at her 3 meals she likes to take advantage I guess.  She loves Goldfish crackers as snacks and will whine when she sees someone with a Goldfish box.  Needless to say I usually have some on hand.  She also loves GO GO Squeezies (applesauce in a little squeeze container so I don't need a spoon).

-At her 1 year appt she was 31 1/2 inches tall (99th percentile) and weighed 22 lbs 11 oz (85th percentile) so she is still one healthy girl and we could not be more thrilled!!!

On to the Birthday Party:
Birthday Girl with her presents from mom and dad!  This kid was spoiled rotten!!!
We had 2 birthday parties for her.  One at each set of grandparents house.  Here she is opening presents at Gma and Gpa Charles house!
She loves her little frog bath toy from Uncle Ryan, Aunt Nikki, and their girls!
We are getting ready to sing Happy Birthday and she has no idea what all of the fuss is about!
After Kenadee decided to stick her finger in the cake!
Coming up with a game plan on how to tackle that piece of cake!
"You talking to me?  Yeah I ate the whole piece, what's it to ya?"
At Gma and Gpa Ingram's opening her presents!
2 peas in a pod checkin out her loot!
She loves this picnic basket from Gma and Gpa Ingram
Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday again!  (I couldn't get the pic to cooperate so it is sideways)
Chowing down on piece of cake #2  (Hey it was her birthday. I wasn't going to deprive her)
"Yep, I finished that one too!!"
Kenadee was so lucky to have so many family members come to celebrate her birthday with her.  At Gma and Gpa Charles house Uncle Brandon and Aunt Ashley came over, as well as Uncle Ryan.  At Gma and Gpa Ingram's house her visitors included Aunt Linds, Uncle Rob, and Cousin Averie,  Great Grandma and Grandpa Ingram, Great Grandpa Grimaud, and her Dobsons!  Alli and Brycen even stopped by for a couple of minutes before her second party!  She had a very fun day with all of her family and was exhausted by the end of the night!!!  I was worried about her sleeping well with all of that sugar in her system, but she fell asleep on the way home from Gma and Gpa's and slept until almost 9 the next morning!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Independence Day, Summer Fun, and a Baby

 I love the 4th of July!  It has to be my favorite holiday.  Nice weather, parade, BBQ, and fireworks.  What's not to like?  This year was no exception, it was quite possibly the best ever!!!

Kenadee at her very first parade!  She loved waving her little flag around and watching all of the floats.
She got a little tired and took a nap on grandpa.  She just woke up in this picture.

Best Buddies and Cousins

At the Annual Grimaud Family Picnic.  Kenadee loves Hailey!!

Firework time!  Kenadee was so funny at the fireworks.  She LOVED them!!! During the Grand Finale she was jumping up and down!  I am so glad that this sweet girl loves the 4th as much as her mom does!!!
Kenadee finally smiling at Cheri.  She was very grumpy with her all night and then she finally warmed up.
Aside from Independence Day we have been very busy having fun.  We bought a zoo pass and like to go just about every week.  Kenadee LOVES the monkeys.  Her favorites are the ring-tailed lemurs.  She loves to watch them.

Averie, Brooklyn, and Kenadee at the zoo

We have also been up to the cabin a couple of times this summer.  One visit we headed up with Dru's sister Krista and her kids, as well as our other niece Beth.  We went to West Yellowstone and visited the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center.  Kenadee enjoyed going down the slide with her cousin Beth.

Kenadee also loves to play in Grandma's pool with her cousin Averie.  She really enjoys the water.  We are having so much fun with her this year and enjoy watching her little personality develop more everyday!

Last but certainly not least, we went in for an ultrasound on June 28th and discovered that Kenadee is getting a baby BROTHER in November!!!  We are so excited to have this little guy in our home and know that Kenadee will be an amazing big sister to him!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Getting So Big

Little Miss Kenadee Rae,
You are turning into a toddler right before our eyes.  You are such a fun, sweet thing.  I have been slacking on updates lately, but most of this is due to the fact that you are such a busy body!  So, this will be an update for months 8-10 since you are officially 10 months in a couple of days!!!  You had a 9 months Dr. visit and here are your stats:     20lbs 12oz. (82nd%), 29 1/2 in. tall (95th%), and 19in. head (99.96%)  You are such a big growing girl!!!!

You have had many firsts the last couple of months, they are:

March 1: You army crawled for the first time.  You were a week shy of 8 months old!!!
March 10:  (8 months 1 day) You said your first word, it was MA MA!!!!  You can now say Mom and Dad.  You also say Bob a lot but I'm not sure you know what you are saying.  You are such a jabber jaw and will just talk away!
March 13:  (8 months 4 days) You crawled for the very first time.  You are quite the little pro at crawling now.  You are a quick little bugger.
March 17 (St. Patrick's Day): (8 months 8 days) You pulled yourself up to a standing position for the first time.  Watch out now!!!
April 1: (Almost 9 months)You cut your first and only (so far) tooth.  You were such a grouch!
April 5:  You started clapping for the first time.
April 14: You got bronchitis!!!  You gave it to mom and dad as well.  It took a good two weeks to get over but you were one happy little girl for being so sick!!!
April 19: (9 months 10 days) You walked along the entire couch all by yourself!!!
May 4: (Almost 10 months) You walked across our family and living room with your little push toy! 
I would not be surprised if you are walking all by yourself very soon!!!

You have the funniest personality little one.  You still love Justin Bieber and when you hear one of his songs you get the biggest smile on your face and start dancing.  You also love Special Agent Oso (on Disney) and will dance to that theme song as well! 

Aunt Terri took 8 month pictures of you!  I love how these turned out!!!

Good morning sleepy head!  What I find every morning when I come into your room!  Look at that crazy hair!

At the zoo.  You will be going there a lot this summer!

Getting ready to get in the bath tub.

You love to go for rides in cardboard boxes or laundry baskets and you love to play with hangers!

At Garcia's for Grandpa Adrian's birthday.  You love the refried beans and rice

In your Easter dress.  (sadly you didn't get to wear your dress on Easter because we all had Bronchitis)

Another picture that Aunt Terri took at 8 months with cousin Averie

Bouncing away in your jumper.  Sadly you won't play in it anymore so there aren't many ways to keep you contained!!!
You LOVE food.  You don't care what kind it is, you just love it.  If someone else is eating they better be sharing with you, or you can get pretty upset!
You love to torture your dogs.  If you see them lying down you will crawl after them as fast as you can.  You love your mom during the day, but when dad gets home you turn into a complete daddy's girl.  I love it! 
You fight your naps and bedtime now.  You just want to be around everyone.  I really can't stand this and hope that you get over it soon. 
You love people but sometimes you have a killer stone cold face and won't smile at all.  Other times all you want to do is smile.  You especially love your cousins and grandparents.  They always know how to get a smile out of you!!! :)
You love to be outside, but sadly there haven't been many nice days.  When the dogs go out you will pound on the back window and talk to them.
You drink out of a sippy cup most of the time and love to try new solid foods. 
You love to "help" mom with the laundry, or unfold as I fold.  It cracks me up! 
You are constantly on the go and I love to watch you look at new things.  I can see those little wheels spinning as you try to figure things out!  I cherish our cuddle time because there is becoming less and less of it! I enjoy every minute of you and am so blessed that I get to be your mother!!!  I love you sweet girl!