Monday, December 29, 2008

Spoiled Rotten

Dru and I had a great Christmas and were both spoiled rotten. Between new purses, new miter and table saws, clothes, DVDs, and a sweet watch we both received much more than needed. We enjoyed the morning with my parents, Lindsey and Rob, and Robbie. Then we went to Dru's parents' for some Christmas Turkey and it was so good. Dru's brothers Ryan and Brandon were there with their families as well as his sister Heather with her family. It was quite a full house. The only downside to the day was that I was so sick. Despite all of the family and things to do all I wanted to do was sleep. I spent most of the day lying down and sadly did not get to see many of the people that I was looking forward to seeing.
Dru's new table saw that I bought him
Dru's new miter saw from my parents
Dru got me a sweet Louis Vuitton purse! (He is so thoughtful. I'm impressed that he remembered!!!)
This watch is from my parents. It's a Tissot and I have wanted one forever!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Time

For some reason it has not felt like Christmas time and I have been procrastinating anything that has to do with Christmas. Dru and I finally got our tree on Monday and I just finished decorating it tonight. It feels good to have some Christmas Spirit and enjoy the holiday season a little bit. Now I just have to finish my Christmas shopping and I can relax and enjoy.
Here are some pictures of my efforts.
This is my poinsetta that Dru bought me the other night. I wanted one very bad so I was excited to finally have one!!

Since we don't have a fireplace I decided to hang our stockings on my entry table (one of my Christmas presents from Dru last year)

My Nativity Scene courtesty of my wonderful mom who has 500 of these things

My Christmas tree. This is take two. I decorated it once with different decorations and hated the way it turned out so I ripped them all off and started again.

Yeah for Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Layton and Boise

The last two weekends have been very eventful for Dru and I. The weekend after Thanksgiving we drove down to stay with Dru's brother and his family in Layton. We went to Temple Square and saw the beautiful light display they had there.
It was such fun to spend time with Trent and Sarah, their three boys, and their dog Cocoa (a boxer just like Maddie). Other than our trip to see the lights we spent most of our time at their house just enjoying their company. We do not get to see them as often as we would like so we took advantage of the time we had. Their boys are so cute and full of energy. They were all the entertainment we could ever need. Maddie was in heaven playing with Cocoa and the boys. I wish we had pictures but our camera ran out of batteries.
This last weekend Dru, my mom, and I headed over to Boise to watch Robbie (my brother) play basketball. Their team really struggled last year so it was nice to watch them win both of their games this weekend and their game at Hillcrest last Thrusday. Rob pointed out to us that that is half of their winning total last year (they won 6 games) and so far they are undefeated! It is still the beginning of the season, but they are looking very good and working very hard to play like a team. Rob did very well in all of the games and is quite the little rebounder. He is playing a different position than normal this year. He is used to being a guard (which he is very good at) but this year they needed him to be a forward because he is one of the bigger boys on the team. I must say he is doing a very good job with it. We are so proud of him and were glad that we got to watch him play! GO HILLCREST!!!!!!!