Monday, October 26, 2009

Mean Neighbors

So I am having really big issues with some of our neighbors. A couple of weeks ago we received a notice on our door. It was from the City of Ammon saying that our neighbors had complained of barking dogs. Did I mention that the complaint was at 3:00 pm. Really? dogs bark all day in this neighborhood. Madison does love to bark, but most of the time she only does this when there is another dog outside or when she feels threatened (e.i. the neighbor kids are sticking their heads over our fence and tormenting her) or when one of our neighbors or Dru is mowing the lawn. After we received this notice we tried really hard to make sure that Maddie was not distrubing anyone. Well, tonight I have decided that I have really had it with these neighbors. Dru was on his weekly duty of dog poop pickup (garbage is Tuesdays) and he called me to the backyard. On the side of the yard where these horrible neighbors live we found almost 20 rocks in our backyard. THESE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN THROWING ROCKS AT MY SWEET DOGS!!!!! I am SOOOOO mad right now! I can't believe that people are so mean! I have decided that tomorrow morning I am going to call the City of Ammon and ask what can be done because I don't want anyone hurting my dogs!