Saturday, October 9, 2010

3 months old!

Kenadee my love,
You are growing up so fast! I can not believe that you are 3 months old already. You are turning into the funnest little baby! You have had many firsts this month.
-You are a curious little soul. You love to be up looking around. You will watch TV (love the Disney Channel) so that mom can get ready. This is a really nice change.
-You love when mom or dad stand you up so you can check out your surroundings.
-You love to smile and when you do it lights up the room!
-That being said you also LOVE to let us know when you are upset and still throw some amazing fits! You are very dynamic and dramatic in all of your moods!
-You are a little jabber jaw and love to babble to whoever will listen.
-You can sit in your bumbo all by yourself. Your head is still a little wobbly but you are doing really well with it.
-When you are on your tummy you can lift your head all the way up and look at everything around you.
-Two days ago (10/7/10) you started rolling over. The first time you did it you looked at mom with a puzzled look on your face. You weren't quite sure what had happened. Last night while you were doing tummy time you kept rolling over. It was so funny. We would put you on your tummy and two seconds later you were on your back. I am a little worried for when you can make it from your back to your tummy... you will then have a way to get around and I don't know that I'm ready for that yet.
-You love to go for walks in your stroller.
-You sat in your exersaucer all by yourself today and you loved it! You are too small for the seat though so mom had to pack it with blankets so you could sit in it.
-Last week (9/29-10/3/10) you went on a vacation to Califoria and had your first airplane ride. You did wonderful for the most part (had some issues with your ears taking off and landing). You went to the San Diego Zoo, the Long Beach Aquarium, and Disneyland. You were so amazing the whole trip even when you weren't feeling well.
-You got sick for the very first time. You started getting croop when we were in California and it hit in full force when we got home. I am not looking forward to the next time you get sick because it makes me so sad!
-When you went to the doctor for croop you weighed in at 12lbs. 1 oz. Most of that is in your cheeks! :)
-You are still an amazing sleeper! Last night for example was 10:30p to 8:00a. (We don't usually put you to bed that late but we were having too much fun with you).

You are such a happy sweet baby and we love you so very much!!! You have changed our world so much and we could not imagine our lives without you!
Mom and Dad

looking at the seals and sea lions at the aquarium

Tummy Time

checking out your exersaucer

California Girl

Sitting by your bunny

Standing Up (you didn't like the flash on the camera)

Bumbo Time!

Smiling cuz you're at Disneyland

Chillin in your diaper