Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Big 3-0!!!

On the 23rd this guy turned 30!

We had a wonderful week spending time celebrating with family and a weekend getaway to Island Park and Yellowstone with just the 3 of us. I could not ask for a better man to spend Eternity with. You are the most amazing husband and father Dru, I love you!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

2 Months Old

We can not believe that you are 2 months old. Yesterday on your 2 month birthday we celebrated by taking you to the Dr. to get a well child check and to get your shots. I felt so bad when they poked you and you started to cry. You were so upset you did your favorite cry (the one where you stop breathing and turn bright red). Mommy and Daddy hate that one! This month has been a very fun month for us, but also a very challenging one. This month you:
-Smiled a real smile at us for the first time. You smile quite a bit actually and you melt our hearts every time you do. Your little smile is one of the highlights of my day.
-You started cooing. These sweet little noises are so fun. Sometimes I feel like we are having a little conversation although I have no idea what you are trying to say and I'm sure you feel the same.
-You love tummy time! You also love to look at yourself in the mirror while on your little play mat.
-You are a very very good eater and sleeper. You eat 5 times a day, 4 oz. each time. Every 4 hours like clockwork, then you sleep at least 7 hours a night. Although sometimes you do fight your naps and it can be a struggle to get you down.
-You can see much better now and love to look at the things around you. You love the ceiling fan and would stare at it for hours if we would let you.
-You love noise and don't usually cry unless someone raises their voice.
-You have also started getting a little bit of colic. This is very hard for mom and dad. Thankfully you are easily comforted (for about 5 minutes) and then you scream your head off again. You get the worst tummy aches and mom and dad feel so bad for you. You cry the most in the evenings and right after you eat. These are the times that your tummy hurts the most.
-Sorry to embarrass you, but you have the loudest and smelliest burps and farts. I hope you grow out of this because it isn't very ladylike!:)
-You will let just about anyone hold you, but you definitely know your mom and dad and like them the best.
-You are a little cuddle bug and I love to cuddle with you. Sometimes I just sit and watch you sleep. You are so precious and do the cutest things while you are sleeping (your little facial expressions, your funny stretches, and your cute little yawns).
-You went on your first trip to the cabin. You did really well there too. You really enjoyed sitting outside.
-You are such a wiggly baby. You squirm all of the time and sometimes it is hard to hold on to you.
-You love when we hold on to you so you can stand up or sit up like a big girl. I have a feeling you will be walking early because you like to move around a lot.
-You go to grandmas all by yourself 2 times a week for a couple of hours so that mommy can go to work. You are really good most of the time and I think quite enjoy the attention you get when you go to grandma's.
-You still love your binky. I swear it is permanently attached to your face.
-You love to ride in the car, and you love your Baby Einstein mirror. Whenever the music and lights on it are playing you are nice and quiet. As soon as the timer turns them off you start to cry.
-Your hair is turning brown. Mom is a little sad about this. I do have hope that it will turn black again eventually (daddy's did the same thing). It is still as unruly as ever, but you still have all of it. I love that you have so much hair and hope that it stays that way. You get so much attention from it. It's always the first comment people make.
-I have no idea what color your eyes are. Hopefully one day we will be able to tell.
-You are growing like a weed. You now weigh in at 10lbs 11 oz. (47th percentile) and are 24in long (93rd percentile).
-You can finally wear your 0-3months clothes. You didn't start doing this until you were 6 or 7 weeks old.
We love you more and more each day little stink bug and are looking forward to all the new things you will be able to do next month!
Mom and Dad

Maddie watching you while you play

Still a crazy sleeper!

First time at church

Right after your bath

Getting kisses from Aves

Naptime with daddy. Mom loves this picture!

Wardrobe Malfunction. You hate wearing your headbands and bows but you are a good sport about it most of the time

Getting loves from Averie while you two posed in your cute GAP jackets from Grandma