Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our little Rocky Balboa

Today I went into the Dr. to get an ultrasound on their cool new 4D machine. I was very excited until I got there and the tech said that after doing the training he learned that it is optimal to do one of these things when you are at least 28 weeks. He said that we could try it anyway so I gladly went along to see my little one again. This little thing is definitely her father's daughter. While trying to get a good face shot she kept putting her hands over her face (Dru HATES his picture taken). The tech decided to push on her a little bit to get her to move and she started punching back. I love seeing her little personality and got a really good laugh out of it, but I'm afraid we have a little Rocky Balboa on our hands!! Needless to say that we got a really good shot of her ear!

This is the picture of her lovely left ear with her hand covering her face! It's hard to make it out, but it's the best that we could get. Luckily the tech said that we could try again when I was 28 weeks.